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Kshar Sutra

What is Kshara Sutra (क्षारसूत्र)

Kshara Sutra is a Sanskrit phrase,

fistula treatment ksharsutra

Kshar SutraBest Food for Hemorrhoid (Piles) Patient Helpful Food and Food to Avoid. Read more ... » is now a popular treatment  for the management of fistulaभगन्दर (Fistula) and Kshar Sutra. Read more ... » in ano and other diseases of anal related ,

Other indications of Ksharasutra —

Anal fissures

Chronic discharging sinuses with osteomyelitis

Genital warts

HemorrhoidsPiles Treatment By Kshar-Sutra Images. Read more ... »

Milk fistula

Non healing wounds

Pilonidal sinuses

Tubercular sinuses

Ayurveda specialist offers beter cure rates for fistula in anoभगन्दर (Fistula) and Kshar Sutra. Read more ... » as compared to modern surgeons.

Other methods of application of Kshara —

Kshara varti

Kshara pitchu

Kshar pratisaran



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Article by Dr.Dheeraj Yadav

Ayurvedic Kshar-sutra Ano-rectal Surgeon ,(all Ano-rectal diseases likes piles, anal fistula, anal fissure, Rectal polyp, P-N sinus), and Other Chronic Diseases , etc Dr.Dheeraj Yadav+
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  1. i had fistula in ano, please am in Tanzania, africa, i want to get the treatment, but i dont know where is it, is it necessarily i come to india, how long stay will it need me, and the cost for the treatments

    • Hello Mr., you can find the direction on contact page, yes for the treatment you have to come to india, and the duration and cost will depends on the complexity of the fistula, one more thing will treat your fistula 100% no matter how many times you have treated or operated in past. for more send us a e-mail we will reply you in mail in a better way.

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