Pain in rectum, which surgery  is best for hemorrhoids.

Pain persist. How to get relief?

hemorrhoids is the most common problem now a days due to uncontrolled and bad eating habits people have constipations which is the main cause for developing the hemorrhoids.

The main problem comes when it bleeds from rectum and sometime it may bleed so vigorously that the patient may become anemic due to loss of enormous blood loss.


what are surgery for hemorrhoids :–

  • for hemorrhoids many types of the surgery available in the current modern methods and in ayurveda .
  • Internal hemorrhoids
  • Surgical removal of hemorrhoids (hemorrhoidectomy)

what is the difference between the modern and Ayurveda (kshar-sutra ) surgery

Modern (hemorrhoidectomy)

Ayurveda Kshar-Sutra Ligation

  • in modern most common process is to remove the complete hemorrhoids at once.
  • in kshar-sutra the hemorroisa is ligated with the kshar-sutra medicated thread , and the hemorroids will cut out within 2-3 day
  • in modern their are a need of blood as in the process the blood loss is possible.
  • in kshar-sutra no need of extra blood because their is no or mini blood loss as compaired to modern way.
  • patient may have to rest for 2-5 day hospitalized.
  • no need for hospitalised patient may go to home within 2-4 hr after the surgery.
  • patient may have to stope food and motion for 2-4 days
  • no need to stop motion or food, patient can live normal life and diet.
  • pain may persist for many days after the surgery
  • no pain or a slight pain after the surgery for 1-2 day and after that no pain at all .
  • about 50% cases may have problem of recurrence
  • 99.96% accuracy without any recurrence


these are the main differences as in modern process and in kshar-sutra ayurveda surgery.

I hope it will help you to choose the right process for your hemorrhoids .

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