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If you have any past medical (disease) problem, describe, it and the medication for it, how long dose u took the medicine , any relief from medicine etc. if any

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Current Medication List you are usingthe medicines you are using right now if any

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Medication Allergies: _______________Food-Allergies:________________________Environmental Allergies: ____________________if any

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SOCIAL HISTORY:Single or MarriedOccupation: ________________________________Alcohol: _________ oz/day/weekAthletic Activities: _____________________________Tobacco: ____pks/d for ____ yrs____ if any

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FAMILY HISTORY: _____________________________________if any

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Please Describe : First day of your last period.Length of cycles, length of period.Periods regularity, shortest and longest times.Severity increasing as time goes on.Spells of no periods in absence of pregnancy.Periods heavy, clots, flooding.Pads or tampons used, number required.Periods painful.Bleeding between periods, after intercourse. Time of menarche, menopause.If menopause: hot flushes, night sweats [assesses severity of decreasing estrogen].Bleeding before puberty, after menopause.

  • Obstetric history


Obstetric historyPossibility of currently pregnant.Number of children, weights at birth.Number of times been pregnant [do math for miscarriages, terminations]: what month, why, how.Problems during gestation, delivery.Bleeding during pregnancy, ….if any

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Sexual historySexually active.Number of partners.Contraception: on OCP? which one?Contraception: others currently using, used previously.Physical, other difficulties during intercourse.Pain during, after intercourse: deep/ superficial, always/ sometimes.Difficulty in conceiving.Pap smear: last smear’s date, result.

  • Male Sexual History*


Male Sexual History ,About our Sexual Problem Describe with Deails

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  • Bleeding
  • Burning During Defication
  • Protrusion Of Mass

Select THE SYMPTOMS from the list

  • Other Ano-Rectal Info


Please tell us about your current and past complications, or any other infor related to the Disease….if any…

  • Urinary history*


Urinary historyColour change.Blood in urine.Frequency, amount changes.Pain, burning sensation.Feeling of incomplete emptying.Hesitancy, nocturia, dribbling.Incontinence, overflow incontinence, stress incontinence.

  • Investigation Reports


Laboratory Investigation Reports (if any) :

  • Brief hair loss history ?


Brief hair loss history ? How is the condition of your hair?

  • Describe your hair problem & change your hair?


Describe your hair problem & change your hair?

  • Have you had your hair coloured before?


Have you had your hair coloured before? describe if yes or any additional info

  • Hair Type

  • Hair Texture

  • Hair Growth Patterns

Hair Growth Patterns

  • Scalp Condition

  • How often do you shampoo your hair?

  • Which shampoo are you currently using?

  • Do you use styling products?

  • How do you finish styling your hair?

  • Which product do you use to finish?

  • more concerns that you want your skin care

  • more concerns Describe other


  • Shortly after you wash your face, how does your skin feel?

  • Choose one or more concerns you have about the skin around your eyes:

  • Last one! When you shop for skin and Hair care, do you prefer products that have natural and organic ingredients?

  • Other extra information


Other extra information which you think might be helpful….if any Please add any additional report etc.(i.e. jpg, gif, png, pdf) ….if anyAnd Your High Resolution Photo If you are Consulting for Skin ,Hair Allergy ,etc. you can email us the data @

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 Download This Form  

Download this form and Send us by Email to:: 

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and and email us ::to  we will get in touch with you shortly.

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