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100% treatment by Kshara Sutra treatment of fistula in Ayurveda

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Kshara Sutra is utilized in the treatment of fistula in Ayurveda.


Reimbursement and Cashless  TPA  Health Insurance  for the Process Of Kshar Sutra is available now.  In NCR, Ghaziabad and Noida

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Kshara Sutra is a seton thread medicated with organic alkalis,such as Apamargakshara(Achyranthesaspera), Arkakshara(Caltropisgigantea) or Snuhikshara (Euphorbia lingularia). The alkali is repeatedly coated on the seton thread 15 – 21 times. Apart from this, natural antibiotic like haridra powder, guggulu, etc are also used to make Ksharasutra.

The mechanical action of the threads and the chemical action of the drugs coated , collectively do the work of cutting, curetting, draining, and cleaning the fistulous track, thus promoting healing of the track/ wound. This also acts both as the antiseptic and fibrotic agent to induce healing.

The process of healing starts from deeper tissues and moves towards the periphery. This can be applied and changed periodically till the thread cuts the fistulous tract. Since the sphincter heals by fibrosis, there is no incontinence.


Under local anaesthesia, the kshara sutra is inserted into the tract and the two ends of the thread are tied forming a loop. The alkalis coated on the thread are continuously released throughout the length of the track there by cutting, curetting, draining cleansing and healing the track.

This therapeutic action of the thread lasts for seven days. The old thread is then replaced with a new thread following the same procedure.

Depending on the length of the tract and the extent of damage, the kshara sutra may be changed up to 5 times. The changing of the thread is a simple procedure taking about 1 to 2 minutes and requires no anaesthesia.



The procedure does not require hospitalization for more than 4 to 5 hours

The patient requires minimal bed rest and can resume daily activities within 12 – 24 hours

No painful dressings required

The drugs coated on the Kshar-SutraBest Piles & Fissure Affordable Treatent in North-India. Read more ... » are slowly and gradually released into the track and the wound, leaving no abscess overseen. These abscess are drained out by the action of the drugs.

The sphincteric muscles are not dissected and hence the possibility of incontinence is ruled out.


Depending on the effectiveness of the treatment, fistula may result in infection or incontinence of stools.


The re-occurrence rate of fistula treated with kshara sutra ligation procedure is less than 2%. This is because the medicines on the thread gradually and continually curate the payogenic membrane and fibrous tissue in the track and thus leave no pus pockets undrained.

In some cases, the fistula can reoccur despite having surgery. After having a fistulotomy, the re-occurrence rate rises to 21-60%. After an advancement flap procedure, the re-occurrence rate may be as high as 36% some says 60%.

Only and Only Kshar-Sutra is the worldwide recognized process for Fistula-in-ano for 100% treatment with an 99.96% accuracy as compared to other process .

आयुर्वेद का क्षार सूत्र अथवा क्षार कर्म द्वारा भगन्दर का सटीक इलाज हो जाता है, इसके लिये किसी expert क्षार सूत्र चिकित्सक की सेवायें लेना चाहिये

Reimbursement and Cashless  TPA  Health Insurance  for the Process Of Kshar Sutra is available now.  In NCR, Ghaziabad and Noida

Call us @ +91-9219434343,   9412637645,  7417003600


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Article by Dr.Dheeraj Yadav

Ayurvedic Kshar-sutra Ano-rectal Surgeon ,(all Ano-rectal diseases likes piles, anal fistula, anal fissure, Rectal polyp, P-N sinus), and Other Chronic Diseases , etc Dr.Dheeraj Yadav+
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  1. I B.K. Prajapati suffering from fitsula since last one and half year and i had an operation in February, 2013 in Hazaribagh Jharkhand by Dr. Hiralal Shaha, but operation is not success and again the same problem is continue pusing and pain. please send a mail to me if any Kshara Sutra treatment is available in Jharkhand please must reply, i will be heartiest greatful to you for your kind information

    • Hello Mr Prajapati, sorry to say but you have to come to our center for the treatment.

      • Hi can you please give details of your center and where it is thanks

        • check the contact info dear or email us at

          • Dear doctor
            i have fistula and i want a good treatment .
            kindly respond me asap


      • hello sir,

        wat will be total cost in kshara sutra for piles.?

        also revert if any centre in jharkhand.


  2. sir,,,mujhe 6,7 mahine se fishtula hai….iski suruwat hone ki prakiya sabse pahele guda dwar se upar ki or ek funsi hui fir wo kadak hui bethne ke karan wo fut gai fir wo khoon nikalne laga fir 1,2 mahine main wo pak gai badte badte aaj 6,7 mahine ho gai hain wo itni pak gai hai ki mabad jayda hoti hai,dr, ko dikhaya to wo wola fishtula hai opretion hoga…ye chain bana li hai or sainse sa kuch bola,,,,janch hui sari to sb normal riport aai hai,,,ab dr, opration ki kahe raha hai mai samahj nahi pa raha
    hu mai kya nirny lu mai akela hi hu……..

    • Hello Mr Mohan, as you already know that fistula is have common recurrence problem with normal surgery , only kshar-sutra can cure it permanent just go for kshar sutra process by any specialized kshar sutra center /

  3. Hi Sir,

    I have fistula with 2 active openings and 1 inactive.

    Also Have an anal fissure with tag for last 4 years approx.It seems that anal fissure is the internal opening of the Fistula.
    I have visited a Kshar Sutra specialist and he suggested me to undergo Kshar Sutra surgery….and he is also saying that KsharSutra will cure Fissure also if taken with some oientment…but he is denying to use the fissure as internal opening for kshar sutra and saying that it will cause me pain..Now i have a doubt is it possible to treat fissure (Chronic)without inserting kshar sutra in it.Please confirm…also let me know when can i meet you and what is expected cost of treatment.

    It will be great if you let me know the cutting rate of kshar sutra in normal circumstances.

    • Hello ,
      as chronic fissure is most of the time due to secondary complication of internal piles , any kind of injury, or continuous irritation, chronic constipation , or any kind of continuous pressure on that reason, or some time due to tight sphincter , the confirm cause can be identified after proper examination,and it may took long time weeks to months to heal varies from patient to patients chronic fissure and for fistula in ano kshar-sutra is recommended for final solution.
      and in normal conditions the average cutting is 1cm to 1.5 cm aprox.
      for more contact us

  4. Hellow doctor ,
    I was hving fistula problem since frm last five year ….so I want hv ksha sutra treatment …so can u tell me how long it take time for recovering ……or duration ………please

    • Hello Mr Tenzin,
      as you have chronic fistula in ano since 5y, you must go for kshar sutra, and the duration is depends on the various factors like the depth of your fistula tract as the average cutting rate is 1-1.5 cm/week at our center, and the healing rate of your bpody as we have to regulate the cutting according the body healing capacity of patient.

      • Hello doctor ,
        Please can u tell me duration or time to cutting my 2inch deep fistula? ?? How much it’s take time to recovering my 2inch .fistula

        • hello Mr Tenzin,

          as you have 2 inch deep fistula it must be a high anal type and the cutting average time for normal person is about 1-1.5 cm / week , may varies on the case to case according the body recovery and healing power of patients.

  5. Dear Doctor: I need help. Do you need to see my files first before I come there.
    I have rectoral/vaginal fistula. I have had 2 rulers size of my colon removed. In 2009 I had a doctor to try to repair the fistula but it only got larger. And each time someone here looks, it get larger and more stool comes through. I just started Remacade, after Cimzia had too many side effects. Can you help with the rectoral/vaginal fistula? Call me or write me to let me know what you need. I can send by email what you need. Please contact me at 312-388-1777 or write at Thank you very much! Valerie Hunter White

  6. respected sir ,
    I had undergo fistulectomy surgery last year. but again I have same problem, sir plz suggest me the which is the 100% curable treatment for me and from where can I get the treatment.
    if you suggest me I can came in your clinic.
    I am 28 years old belongs from pune but now at siliguri(west Bengal)
    plz reply.

    • Hello , Mr Sanjay,

      as you already had undergo fistulectomy and it fails as most of the cases, recurrence is common in fistulectomy , the only available best treatment for fistula in ano is kshar sutra with best result with almost no recurrence, so if you wants kshar sutra treatment, visit our center for the treatment.

  7. Hi Doc, I have a fistula for the past couple of years, but only in the last 8 months that it has broken skin and twice a month aprox it gets big and bursts and the pus along with blood drains out. So what you are saying is that the length of the cut you will do in my body if we do decide to go ahead the the kshar sutra is only 1-1.5 cms ?

    • Hello Mr, Deepak,

      as you have fistula only after proper examination i can tell you what is the length or duration of treatment, so visit our center for the proper examination and kshar sutra treatment.

  8. sir,i underwent through ksharsutra treatment of piles.five days after treatment one funsi came out after hair removal at that position.that funsi within 15-18 days converted to fistula as doctor says.piles already recovered.sir,i am fully says it will be cured.size is 4-5 cm.sir,should i go for kharsutra treatment soon or not?i am 28 year old.

    • Hello Hitesh,

      as you have treated for piles by kshar sutra, now u have a fistula in ano, which is a total different problem and one thing that it is not happen by just by pull any hair or anything, its infection is grow from inside, and yes you should go for kshar sutra as this is the best solution for Fistula in Ano.

  9. Hello sir,
    I am diagnosed with pilonidal sinus and i heard that normal surgery wont give 100% results, so i want to know how can i cure this? i am staying in visakhapatnam, is there any good ayuvedic hospitals here and i also want to know if i go through kshar sutra how many days it will take to cure because i have 2 months holidays. sir please help me

    • Hello Arun,
      as you already diagnosed for Pilonidal sinus the normal surgery also works for this but you have to stay in hospital for 2-3 day, and by Kshar sutra you dont have to go for hospitalize , both process works for this go for what ever suitable for you.

  10. sir,i am so worried.sir,i was tb pateints,after going through dots,tb cured on 12 may 2013 as doctor told me after seeing the,here kharsutra doctor told me for montex test,but tb specialist told that anyone exposed tb,positive may come.again kharsutra doctor denied the test.sir i have fistula as discussed above.I hadn’t fistula,before piles treatment on 18th says no problem,it will cure.I am fearing about that i should go for kharshutra or not,how much time it cure it completely and will this treatment be painful.

    • Hello Mr Hitesh,
      for fistula you must go for kshar sutra as for most success full treatment available for fistula in ano, and the pain is not much depends on the kshar sutra expert.

  11. I am suffering form Fistula in ano since last 2 years, I am getting treated for the same by Homeopathic but there is no improvement.

    My doctor says you can not get indulge in any kind of physical activities, such as yoga, swimming, cycling, it aggravates the fistula.

    I want to get rid of it permanently, but I heard in this ayurvedic treatment also ppl insert thread inside the track / tunnel which is been formed and which leads to lung diseases in the future.

    And its not permanent cure. I am in big time trouble, am tired of reading and seeking advise from ppl.

    Would be great if you can help me out in the same.

    • Hello Partha,

      as for fistula you have to start the treatment as soon as possible for best and fast result because as long u wait it will spreads more and go for kshar sutra for fistula as for permanent cure, find an kshar sutra expert or visit our clinic.

  12. i am suffering from anal fistula from last three years i have undergone modern sugery once but it failed and i had it back after 6 months.. iam from pakistan and i cant find kshar sutra treatment here… can i get it in any other country like dubai or kowait

    • Hello Mr Shahid,
      you can visit INDIA for Kshar Sutra , i dont know about kshar sutra in dubai or kowait, actually many patients from dubai and saudi,Europe etc. are contact us for kshar sutra as they didn’t find any kshar sutra centre.

  13. hello sir my husband suffering from fishtula disease and one open track and one nothing open, and this problem running for last six months. sir please tell me, how many days kshar sutra treatment heal and permanent cure fishtula disease. clinic times, place , date told me.

  14. Hi I may be interested in the procedure. I have maybe half inch track from anal opening. I live in America ,,how long is it required to stay at your facility for this treatment. From start to cured. I want to know how many days I need to take off from work.

    • Hi, as for half inch track kshar sutra cut by 3-4 sittings (thread changes/week).

  15. I got problem of perianal sins twice operated still no remedy please advise for permant solution and this problem reoccurring after operation

  16. Respected Dr,

    I am suffering very badly with Fissure and couple of times the general surgeon did a Botox injection and the latest one I had was 7 weeks ago and today the pain started and Its bad and unbearable. I dont live in India and If you could you please let me know the procedure, price and your address so that I can come and see you.
    I hope you do needful.

    Thank you


    • Hello Mr James,

      without the proper examination and reports it is not possible to tel you exact process and treatment, as in most of the cases fissure occurs due to over tight sphincter and hemorrhoids , some other reasons are also present, but most of the cases it heals with the medicines , as most of our patients did not require any surgical process , we only recommend surgery to those patients with chronic fissure with more then 1 year duration or recurrence more then 3-4 times.
      so as for your case you should try for medicine first for 10-25 days as fissure took time for healing as it is a very sensitive part with continuous motions.

  17. Sir,
    I have a chronic fissure with sentinel pile and doctor said I have to get operated. I am not willing for surgery and searching for alternatives. I want to try ayurveda or homeopathy. What will be the treatment options for me in ayurveda.

    • Hi Rajesh,
      as for your sentinal piles can be removed by surgery if they creating any problem, and for fissure the medicine is advised for first as most of the cases about 90+ % cases can be cured by medicine, if it fails then kshar-sutra is best.

  18. Dear Dr,

    I have a question. Does Kshara Sutra work if there is no external opening of the fistula? My fistula does not have external opening. My colorectal surgeon suggested surgery, but I am afraid due to high recurrence rate and risk of incontinence.

    Thanks very much.

    • yes kshar sutra works for fistula in ano, but only after proper examination we can decide for kshar sutra.

  19. hi sir,
    mai internal piles se suffer Kr RHA tha…. mujhe 20 din pehle achanak guda k upar bhag me ek ganth si bni aur vah fut gyi…. aur usme se smelly discharge pus banta h.I think it is fistula .. plz help me… kya yah dawa se thik ho jayega…. guide me plz

    • Hi Anurag,
      it seems like fistula as you describe it may be an abscess only after proper diagnosis it can be confirmed in any case kshar sutra is best for you as in initial stage it will heal quick.

  20. during kshar sutra for ano fistola treatment what kind of careness we have to take? plz sir reply me. Can we go for long drive.

    • yes you can go for long drive it depends on your condition because long sitting may cause pain itching so better took rest during journey.

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