Kshar chikitsa types of kshars and uses :

  • Kshar chikitsa or alkaline therapy in has been in practice since 500 BC.
  • Kshars or alkalis are the herbal extracts of plants like Euphorbia nerifolia,
  • Cassia fistula, Holarrhena antidysentrica, Adhatoda vasica, Caltropis
  • giganteo, Alstonia scholaris, Achyranthus aspera, and Sesamum indicum.
  • An kshar can be a compound or mixture of many herbs or may be from
  • single herb like Moolika kshar, Til kshar, Yavakshar etc.

TYPES of kshars

There are 2 types of kshars

  • 1. Paniya kshar: kshar for internal use
  • 2. Pratisarniya kshar: for external use only
 The pratisarniya kshar is further divided into 3 types
  • 1. Mridu: mild in action
  • 2. Madhya or modest: stronger
  • 3. Teevra: strongest in action


Internal use:

 Ayurvedic doctors are using the paniya (drinkable) kshars to treat
 many diseases like malaria, jaundice, urinary tract infections,
indigestion, obesity, tumors, inflammation, flatulence, infections
and cysts. Kshars have a very rapid action and safe to use. 

External use:

 The external or pratisarniya kshars are widely used to manage hemorrhoids,
 warts, corns, fistulae, sinuses, polyps and many skin problems.
External kshars are a reliable and safe alternative to a number of
modern medical surgeries. Therefore they are the first choice of
Ayurvedic surgeons. 

 Kshar sutra or the medicated thread and its role in hemorrhoids will
 explain it further here. Let's see how it is made and used.

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