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PILESBest Piles & Fissure Affordable Treatent in North-India. Read more ... »/ HEMORRHOIDSFissures ayurvedic treatment images. Read more ... » : Kshara-sutra treatment


  • Secondary causes
  • Primary causes
  •  Anatomical factors
  •  Dietary habits
  •  Pregnancy
  •  Faulty habits of defecation
  •  Diarrhea and dysentery
  •  Abdominal tumors
  •  Constipation
  •  Carcinoma of rectum
  •  Portal obstruction
  •  Heriditary


  • A. In relation to site of origin
  • B. In relation to pathophysiologically
      • 1. Mucosal
      • 2. Vascular
  • C. In relation to pathological anatomy
      • 1. Primary hemorrhoids
      • 2. Secondary hemorrhoids
  • D. In relation to facilitate the line of management
    • 1. 1st degree hemorrhoids
    • 2. 2nd degree hemorrhoids
    • 3. 3rd degree hemorrhoids
    • 4. 4th degree hemorrhoids

internal piles

  • In case of internal piles due to hare stools, rectal veins are stretched and ruptured and bleeding occurs through them. After passing stool 10 ml – 30 ml blood flows out through anus. After few days, some fleshy part descends down which is reddish in colour and it goes in automatically.

External pilesPiles Treatment By Kshar-Sutra Images. Read more ... »

  • External piles have different symptoms. In this bleeding is not seen but fleshy out growth is seen in the periphery of the anus which is of skin colour or black. After sitting for long time or having non veg dietYoga and Exercise For Piles (Hemorrhoid). Read more ... », this growth swells and pains and itching occurs. The person cannot walk properly. These piles can be one or more in number.

Merits Of Kshar-sutraBest Piles & Fissure Affordable Treatent in North-India. Read more ... »

  • * No recurrence.
  • * No incontinence.
  • * No post-operative complications.
  • * No daily dressings.
  • * Low treatment cost.
  • * No prolong hospitalization.
  • * Patient can walk freely after an hour of treatment.

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Article by Dr.Dheeraj Yadav

Ayurvedic Kshar-sutra Ano-rectal Surgeon ,(all Ano-rectal diseases likes piles, anal fistula, anal fissure, Rectal polyp, P-N sinus), and Other Chronic Diseases , etc Dr.Dheeraj Yadav+
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  1. Hi sir this id most painful and irritating problem i faced, i can’t tell anyone about this that is the worst case about this problem of piles, i have bleeding since last 2-3 month, before that i have bleeding about few year back in 2009-10 but from that day till now the bleeding was stoped now it started again, i think now i wants once and for all final treatment and i found the kshar-sutra best from all of the other treatment.

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