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High anal Fistula In Ano 100% Treatment By Kshar Sutra

Fistulaभगन्दर (Fistula) and Kshar Sutra. Read more ... » In Ano High Anal Complete Treatment By Kshar SutraKshar chikitsa types of kshars. Read more ... »

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Article by Dr.Dheeraj Yadav

Ayurvedic Kshar-sutra Ano-rectal Surgeon ,(all Ano-rectal diseases likes piles, anal fistula, anal fissure, Rectal polyp, P-N sinus), and Other Chronic Diseases , etc Dr.Dheeraj Yadav+
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  1. mera 2 time operation ho chuka h bt avi bhi pain,swelling, or bliddng hota h ..iska koi drugs se ilaj h kya….
    khi fir se to ho ni rha or iska garrenty wala ilaj h kya pls advised me.

    • Hi, Ashish,
      as you have already operated twice you can understand that the Fistula has high recurrence rate on general surgery , so Kshar Sutra is strongly recommended for you for final solution of fistula. you can contact us.

  2. Dear sir,
    I have a hemerroid seven year back and have a bleeding piles in 2009 I operated by thread methoned and I have cure by hemmoroid but from six month ago I have pain and itching in left side so I have taken homeopathic it relief in my pain but yestedat a bit of blood came after my stool some doctor advised it is fissure is their is any 100%treatment in fissure so please advised me.

    • Hi Dear,
      as in most of the fissure patients are healed with the medicine , only for chronic patients kshar sutra is advised and it cure it permanent as it releases the sphincter, without any side effect.

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