Fistula 100% Treatment with Kshar-Sutra

Best Fistula Treatment Testimonials  By:: Ms-45613 One thing that best about Dr.Dheeraj Yadav is that they describe the whole process to you with all the pre and post precautions and it helps to understand the Kshar-Sutra Process and it’s Beauty in the treatment of Fistula-in-ano, as i am a Eng in Electricity Dept i search […]

Kshar Sutra

Post Contents1 What is Kshara Sutra (क्षारसूत्र)1.1 Other indications of Ksharasutra —1.2 Other methods of application of Kshara — What is Kshara Sutra (क्षारसूत्र) Kshara Sutra is a Sanskrit phrase, Kshar Sutra is now a popular treatment  for the management of fistula in ano and other diseases of anal related , Other indications of Ksharasutra — […]